A New Era

OneSource Hearing has successfully operated as Group Purchasing Organization within the US  market for the past 19 years supporting Hearing Healthcare Practices by delivering fair pricing from every one of the hearing instrument manufacturers represented in the country, along with the ease and simplicity of consolidated billing, meaning that practices only have one statement at the end of each month no matter how many of the manufacturers they support.

Whilst it is recognized as a significant differentiator being the only group of its kind which has active collaborative relationships with all manufacturers and one of only 3 that provide consolidated billing, OneSource Hearing is going through an evolution and updating its value proposition to better support your practice in today’s ever-changing market landscape.

We have recently commenced a project to invest in new solutions, new systems and a new team which is being continually added to.

Our team of industry experts is being built to ensure that you have the onsite and remote support/consultation that you need to achieve your business objectives – we will shortly be announcing new Regional Directors that have the remit to recruit and build a team of Regional Managers based in the field and offering their support to you, your business and your teams. Our team are experienced in a range of business development initiatives from strategic planning, P/L analysis and marketing expenditure optimization to front-office training, customer experience, organizational culture building and much more.

Impactful, effective and measurable marketing solutions are a key requirement in today’s competitive marketplace; that is why we are now offering a range of services to assist you in your marketing initiatives in both traditional and digital form designed to help you stand out of the crowd. One of the key drivers of successful marketing is data insight; we have access to the latest and cleanest consumer demographic and psychographic data which is utilized in all of the campaigns that we deliver for our members. And in digital form, we have developed new and creative solutions to raise your online presence in all consumer searches.

OneSource may also be able to assist you in achieving your dreams of expansion or acquisition, and investment in to the latest of audiological equipment.

Just as the market never stops changing, the OneSource evolution does not have an end date associated with it – it is one of our strategic focuses to maintain our agility as an organization and continually evolve based on our own assessment of needs, and by maintaining close communication with our partners. Today we have a clear roadmap of new and evolved solutions to be delivered for the benefit of our partners for the next 18 months and will keep building out based on your needs and changing market dynamics.

To learn more from one of our team members as to how we can actively assist you in delivering success for your practice and patients, please email, call 1-866-230-0117 or reach myself direct at the below email address.

We look forward to working with you.

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