Getting The Most Out Of Your New Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have come far in the last couple of decades. The first hearing aid, invented over a century ago, was called the Akouphone. An Akouphone looks kind of like a metal pipe that would get stuck into an ear when a person wanted to hear better. Hearing aid technology has certainly come a long way since then. In fact, hearing aid dispensers are licensed to dispense hearing aids in all 50 states now. That’s a pretty big leap for hearing healthcare practice support.

Even though hearing health care consultation has come a long way (even allowing remote consultation), there are some tips you can pass on to your clients to help them get the most out of their hearing aids and help you increase your marketing expenditure optimization for hearing healthcare practice support.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Hearing Aids

It doesn’t matter if you use on-site consultation, remote consultation, or front office training, once you get a hearing aid into a customer’s home it is important that the customer is able to make the most out of the hearing aid. Hearing healthcare practice support is important for getting the best results for your clients. These are our favorite tips for getting the most out of hearing aids today:

Give them a chance: It takes a bit of time to get used to new hearing aids. Advise your clients to give the hearing aids a little bit of time as they adapt to hearing new sounds. One of the most common surprises of getting new hearing aids is that people’s voices sound different. This can be a little disconcerting if the voice is of a loved one that you have gotten used to over many years. Giving yourself time to adjust to the new sounds is an important step to getting the most out of hearing aids. Make sure to advise your clients in advance that there will be some changes, and that they should take time to get used to those changes.

Get your clients to make a commitment to wearing the hearing aids for as much of the day as possible during at least the first two weeks. These first two weeks are crucial to helping clients adjust to the new sounds in their lives. Remember too, that hearing aids can be fine-tuned. Advise your clients to come back in for a checkup if they are still having a difficult time adjusting after a few weeks.

Understand the advanced features: Remember, hearing aid technology has come a long way since the Akouphone. While you might be an expert in hearing aid technology and hearing healthcare practice support, your client likely isn’t. Take time to go over all of the advanced features of the hearing aids and ensure that your client knows how to use them.

Depending on the model of hearing aid, your client might be able to do things like stream music and phone calls directly to the hearing aids, change the volume from a mobile device, and optimize settings to maximize hearing in different environments. Many clients are unaware of the amazing new features of hearing aids and will be pleasantly surprised when you help them understand all of these fantastic new features.

Proper Care and Maintenance: Hearing aids are an advanced and sophisticated technology. Without proper care, hearing aids can quickly break and lose quality. Help your clients understand the importance of maintenance and care for their new hearing aids. In addition to being a significant monetary investment, hearing aids are also a huge addition to the quality of life for your clients. Once they understand that they are not just investing money, but also quality of life, it will be much easier for clients to learn and maintain good practices to keep their hearing aids in top condition.

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