Who We Are

OneSource Hearing is a member-driven hearing health care performance improvement and consultation company.

Our Purpose

Ensure our members deliver exceptional, differentiating and cost-effective care.

Our Mission

Connect our members with the solutions and expertise that accelerate performance.

Our Goal

Become an indispensable partner of members by innovating in our thinking.


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The OneSource Hearing Advantage




Simplify Marketing

Omni-Channel marketing campaign platform built upon powerful consumer demographics.



Simplify Management

Streamlined hearing healthcare practice support, clinical processes, and benchmarking of key performance indicators.



Simplify Billing

The only group providing all manufacturers products on one simple, consolidated bill.

What Our Clients Says

“Through OneSource we get competitive pricing, extended warranties and flexible programs. I appreciate the straightforward approach to pricing OneSource presents. I know exactly what my actual cost is on every aid every time. OneSource fits our independent business model.”
-Dean E, Pensacola, FL

“OneSourceHearing has the best pricing on the major, respected manufacturers in the hearing aid dispensing business. The staff is polite, knowledgeable, and well organized to make the transactions easy and timely. I would recommend this organization to my fellow audiologists.”
-Daria S, Edwards, CO

“OneSource has been a great asset to my business. It is great to have a one stop shop and not have to negotiate with multiple manufacturers. I get great pricing to help me compete with the larger companies. Not to mention the willingness to always help me with any issues that may arise.”
-Janette C. Perryville, MO